Peed Equipment is a leading supplier of Caterpillar 657E's ,651E's, and 637G scrapers for rental to the construction and mining industries.

We can supply 2-637G scrapers or 60-657E scrapers on your project. No matter how large or small your job may be, Peed Equipment can fit the needs of your project. 

Peed Equipment has just recently purchased a fleet of  Caterpillar 777F's to help better serve our clients in the mining and other various construction industries.  With over 60 scrapers in our rental fleet, we wanted to offer the tools and service it takes to take on various projects that include tougher materials and hard rock that are not suitable for the scrapers.

Need support equipment? we can help!  We offer a full line of late model equipment that can help support your spread of rental scrapers. Peed Equipment offers D10T Dozers, 16M Motor Graders,  621G Water Pulls, and 825H Compactors all with the benefit with onsite technicians at competitive prices.

Remote locations, double shift, stringent safety requirements, tough terrain is no problem when you rent from us. 

We offer qualified operators, and experienced on-site technicians to ensure you are getting the maximum productivity from our machines. In some cases, our technicians are available to work on customers equipment. 

Our highest priority is to provide our customers with the equipment they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Let the Problem of Scrapers Become Ours Instead of Yours!

We offer competitive prices for heavy equipment rentals throughout the US and Canada!

Established Since 1982

Established Since 2011