In 1982 Peed Equipment was founded by the late Dennis M. Peed in Chandler Az. Peed Equipment started with the purpose of rebuilding D9H dozers from the frame up. Dennis sold over 250 D9H dozers, and then slowly started a rental fleet of D9H's, and 631D scrapers. Over the next several years Peed Equipment evolved into a complete rental fleet.


As years went on the company began to rent D10N's, D9N's, 631E's and 637E's to most of the Southwest. In 1995 Peed Equipment moved into the larger 657E scrapers. In 2001 Peed Equipment relocated its operation into Southern California with a fleet of Operated and Maintained 657E's, while still serving all the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Dennis M. Peed


Carolyn Peed


Wife of the late Dennis Peed for 40 years. She is the mother of four children and has been with Peed Equipment since the beginning. Carolyn is a valuable asset to the company handling its accounting and day to day financial duties.

David Peed



The youngest son of Dennis and Carolyn began his career with Peed Equipment in 1992. Starting from the ground up, David served his apprenticeship under his father for many years and slowly evolved into the company's President.
Jeff Atkins


Jeff came aboard to Peed Equipment in 2003 as a field mechanic. He is an important part of Peed Equipment’s success and is now the Equipment Superintendent. His knowledge and skills are unsurpassed and we are honored to have him looking over all our machines. We employ only the best and Jeff Atkins is a prime example of that.

Thuy Do


When it comes to Accounts Payable, Thuy is the one making sure every number and decimal is right where it is supposed to be. From payroll to everyday bill paying she handles it all and we are very fortunate to be able to have her working with us.

Ken Rudenski


Ken is our Field Operations Manager. He is responsible for overseeing all daily operations from equipment servicing, managing operators, the company's marketing, handling project contracts, and so much more. His wide array of skills and expertise is exceptional and we are very lucky to have him as part of the family.
Corinna Martinez


Corinna is our accountant in charge of the fun task of daily billing and invoicing. She has a bright and positive attitude no matter how difficult the job may be. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication and are so glad to have her on our team.

Jenny Peed

Grand Daughter of Carolyn Peed, Jenny is in charge of all the company's daily clerical duties ranging all over the spectrum from computer inputting, calculations of time sheets, to even getting checks sent out. It's great to have the families next generation actively involved and participating in the company's future.

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